Future Healthcare - Delivering software tools for healthcare professionals.

Future Healthcare is a medical software development company aiming to improve patient safety and improve communication between doctor/doctor and doctor/nurse through the provision of an integrated digital dashboard for clinical communication. The disparate and often fragmented processes of hardware devices, paper forms and a variety of software will be replaced with a single coherent and user friendly system which has at its core the safety and well being of patients, clients and healthcare practitioners.


SMARTBeds™ platform is a cloud based hospital bed admission and discharge service. While being the first Open Source system built specifically for improving Communication in Healthcare, SMARTBeds also enables continuity of care across disparate settings. When a patient...


SmartTASKS is medical software customised for the needs of GP, Dentists and Hospitals. The main modules are Intranet, Document Storage, Referrals, Accident and Incident Reporting, Task Management and more. Additional modules can be added on request. The development of the software is medically...

Medical 360

Medical 360 is an online tool targeted forGeneral medical practitioners, doctors and general staff. The toolkit is equivalent to the Department of Health appraisal process. A personal development plan (PDP) is submitted at the end of the appraisal...

Future Healthcare

Future Healthcare develops the essential software solutions for hospitals and healthcare professionals, introducing innovative design and usability into the medical field. All solutions developed by Future Healthcare work on all web browsers, tablets and phones.

  • Intuitive design for speed
  • Excellent customer service for productivity
  • Innovative solutions for efficiency
  • Doctor-driven software for perfection

As an award winning healthcare solutions we bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why Future Healthcare provides incredibly beautiful and time-saving applications for healthcare professionals.

CEO, Dr. Paul Moutray

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